Why you should rent a car in Paros

When it comes to holiday destinations in Greece, both Greeks and foreign visitors alike seem to agree that Paros is one of the best since this small island receives thousands of guests each summer. What sets this island apart from the others in the Aegean Sea is the fact that it is full of picturesque villages and very clean beaches, thus providing a very quaint and relaxing atmosphere to its visitors. Also, the hospitality of the people living there – and of the Greeks in general – is well known all over the world.

One of the first things that one will ask after booking his or her trip to Paros is whether they should also rent a car during their stay there. Most people seem to think that since the island is rather small and it has a quite good or at least decent public transportation system, then a car rental is simply not necessary. That is not always the case however. Let’s see why it’s a good idea to rent a car when you chose to visit the beautiful island of Paros.

The island has a lot to offer

Although Paros is quite small compared to islands such as Rhodes and Crete, it is not as tiny as one might think. The island has a lot of must see sights and beaches – such as the villages Lefkes and Naoussa – and they are not all located close one another. This means that you may need to take multiple buses per day in order to get to where you want to and back to the place where you are staying. Furthermore, some of the best and most secluded and quiet beaches on the island are not reachable by bus, so one should take that into consideration.

Bus schedules aren’t always the best

Buses have their own schedules and routes and although the people at Paros do everything within their power in order to help the island’s visitors enjoy their stay there as much as possible, it is certain that taking the bus will not always be convenient. You might have that you have to wake really early in order to get the bus to a place that you would like to visit or that you will essentially have to spend your entire day in a certain beach because routes to and from there are not really often. Finally, one needs also to take into account the place where he or she will be staying as bus service is definitely better in some places than in others.

Buses can prove to be quiet expensive

Although buying a couple of bus tickets per day is cheaper than renting a car for a day and paying for its gas for a person or a couple, things are quite different when we are talking about families. A 4 member family will have 4 tickets every time they get on a bus and thus the cost of their transportation can sky-rocket before they know it. It’s always good to check rental rates and ticket prices (per person) before deciding whether traveling by bus or renting a car is the better option.

Relatively cheap rates

Since Paros, is such a popular tourist destination, there are many car rental agencies on the island, both local businesses and branches of multinational companies such as Avis and Hertz. This means that competition can be quite fierce, especially when it comes to local businesses, which in turn results to relatively cheap rates. Just use the internet to check out the businesses in the area and their rental rates and you’ll quickly find out that car rentals in Paros aren’t that costly.

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